GraceLin 2: Conspiracies
by Abba Lin
PageTurner Press and Media LLC

"Lin was used to living by faith, taking one step at a time, and praying without ceasing for all things."

Miss Lin discovers she has inherited a multibillion dollar estate known as GraceLand. As she settles into her new mansion now known as GraceLin, she prays she will not succumb to the pleasures of the world afforded her through this inheritance but will remain in her heart what she has always been: one of the common people. With that prayer, she vows to use her new-found wealth to bring the word of God to as many people as possible and combat the evils of the world. Soon, Lin discovers that those evils are closer than she imagined. She is suspicious of one of GraceLin’s maids, and while exploring her new home with John Jr., the son of her benefactor, she sees a reptilian-looking creature in the tunnels that run under GraceLin. As more strange occurrences begin to surface at GraceLin and the surrounding community, Lin and her friends are convinced that there is real evil about. Calling upon God for help, she begins to combat this evil and rescue its victims.

As the title implies, this book is concerned with conspiracy theories that are prevalent in today’s world. Many of these theories are presented within the narrative. Readers not familiar with such conspiracies may find the book interesting as it includes numerous modern theories. The plot is based on the concept of good vs. evil, and though not fast-paced, it does present some intriguing situations and plot twists as Lin and her friends take on evildoers. Readers who enjoy reading Christian literature will find the references to the power of God and the deep devotion of its main character refreshing. Many will want to follow the adventures of Lin and John Jr. as they continue their stand against evil in the next installment of the series.

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