Grandpa Nick’s Bump
by Mrs. Lynda M. Daniele, O.P.
Christian Faith Publishing

"In heaven, there's a mansion for everyone."

Nick is a doting, playful, and energetic grandfather who has a special connection with each of his four grandchildren. From roughhousing, bike-fixing, and coloring, the reader has the chance to see from each child's point of view just how important a role Nick plays in their life. The story reveals how they all seem to fit with each other perfectly and how easily Grandpa handles each of the separate identities of these children. All is well until the kids notice a bump on the side of Grandpa's head. The bump appears as if it comes out of nowhere and is introduced to the reader through the grandchildren's innocent confusion at its presence.

Instantly, Nick's energy becomes a thing of the past, and the entire dynamic of the group changes dramatically. Without really knowing it, the children are being introduced to a life-altering change. Grandpa doesn't return in the story. Any knowledge about the situation starts filtering in to them secondhand. When the conclusion comes, it is bittersweet. The kids find comfort in faith, and their bond towards their grandfather is cemented.

This is a brief children's book that doesn't talk down to its readers. Told with quickness and frankness, it openly exposes kids to some of the grim realities of life and the uncertain speed in which they sometimes unfold. Based on a true story, the real-life images of the characters greet you towards the end of the book, which adds to the emotional depth of the story. This is a carefully muted guide to the logistics of family loss and the importance of faith.

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