Grieving the Loss of Religion
by Rafael Chodos
Giotto Multimedia

"So let us walk that path together to a place where it may be possible to hold a vibrant conversation with God directly, after transcending religion."

A quick read into the author's belief system, this text is divided into the Preface, three chapters, and two interludes. Chapter One relates the author's work toward outgrowing his Judaism, while the first Interlude is in regard to his grief and confusion about this metamorphosis. Chapter Two explores his own truth about God, with the second Interlude regarding articles of faith being reconsidered into what is the present Canon and what is "The Truth." The third chapter discusses the life-cycles of the sacred texts of religions, and the narrative ends with a poem regarding a new prayer book. There is also a bibliography which concludes the text. This teaching relates the truth regarding a pure relationship to God and self.

While the Preface provides a wonderful, well-written glimpse into the philosophy of this book, the reader is then shown the author's treatise about his many misgivings of Judaism, including the inaccurate teachings and prejudices of this faith. Yet from his grief and disappointment in the faith of his origin, Chodos is able to develop his own belief system and the "truth" as he sees God. The book takes us further into an expansion of God beyond doctrine, dogma, political agendas, and violence and into mystery, transcendence, and a new paradigm, which allows the reader to grow along with the author. This new paradigm is written in a short, beautiful poetic version as a beginning focus for all humanity in order to transcend within God. While he no doubt believes in inclusiveness, the use of the terms "God" and "him" distract from this inclusiveness. However, many will find the book a validation of their own changing views of religion and spirituality, especially Judaism.

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