He Leadeth Me
by Josian Frampton
Trafford Publishing

"I focused so much on dying that I forgot about living. It was not possible for me to sincerely enjoy living while fearing just about everything. My sadness and need for security and protection consumed me."

From the story of her amazing healing at birth through to her present walk with God, Frampton offers up a deeply personal and intimate account of her journey from Dominica to New York and then on to Berrien Springs, Michigan before finding the fulfillment she'd been seeking. Her story is full of spiritual testing, supernatural forces, working for and against her, and the ever-abiding hope and belief in an all-powerful spirit watching over and guiding her steps. The primary message of her story is the concept of an invisible god who nevertheless makes himself known to his believers. How he does this comprises a great deal of the narrative.

Told with a frank, personal voice that reflects her background and experience, Frampton makes no apparent attempt to hold anything back no matter how personal or potentially embarrassing. The one exception to this rule is spent in the interest of protecting the guilty. Rather than name names, Frampton attempts to grant anonymity to the greatest extent she can, obscuring even the gender of the offending party when possible.

The narrative is structured along a chronological account of the author's progress, but breaks pace often to fill in greater detail. For example, although she discusses a great deal of her experience while at seminary school in a single block, future chapters discuss various elements of this experience such as trying to pay for school or dealing with romantic interests encountered. One entire chapter should have been placed in the acknowledgements section of the book rather than included in the story structure. Sticklers of grammar will take some issue with the text, but the majority will find a soul-lifting story of faith within these pages.

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