"The end result is that the physicians either give up 'being physicians to their patients,' or they burn out."

With healthcare in the United States in flux, Dr. Khatri delivers a comprehensive guidebook on factors that have perpetuated the current healthcare climate, the ramifications on both physicians and patients, and, ultimately, the catalysts that could cause a healthcare resurgence. From the get-go, readers are made aware of the dire situation that many medical practitioners constantly deal with as they grapple with hospital administrators and insurance companies who value the almighty dollar over patient care. The end result is widespread physician depression and burnout, ultimately creating a void so great that some practitioners believe suicide is the only option.

Stylistically, the text is aesthetically comforting, a seamless read that never ceases to educate and create awareness through a multitude of case studies. Of the many astounding references, those of the acclaimed cardiologist Dr. Kiran Sagar, former military surgeon Dr. P, and Dr. Mickkelson stand out. When administrators prioritize the number of echocardiograms read over accurate readings, or take an immensely adept military surgeon and turn him into a robot spending hours completing notes rather than seeing patients, the cracks are visible.

Dr. Khatri pleasantly inundates readers with a trio of learning gateways: his own knowledge base, well-researched statistical references, and direct interviews from medical peers. He fearlessly delves into potentially polarizing topics such as malpractice and the seemingly never-ending battle with insurance over drug authorizations. For instance, he cites the heartbreaking story of a patient with neuromyelitis optica (NMO) who was ultimately let down by a system that cared little about the consequences of denying coverage. For medical practitioners (current and aspiring) and society as a whole, Dr. Khatri’s commitment to his work and the well-being of doctors and patients alike is profound. This book is a conversation starter when it comes to resurrecting the American healthcare system.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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