The Heat Seekers
by Joseph M. Pujals
Trafford Publishing

"I'm still pretty much burned about the way my company has been used, I would like Carl to go back one more time."

When Somali pirates fire missiles at the Sea Traveler, chaos ensues. Upon uncovering the serial number on the circuit board, investigators are able to trace the manufacturer, Martin Munitions Company in Ogden, Utah. This revelation sparks a series of unanswered questions and a thrilling saga that will shift from Utah to Algiers to London. Joseph M. Pujals' Heat Seekers does an excellent job of plot development. From the beginning, one pertinent questions surfaces repeatedly: How did a circuit board manufactured in Utah end up in the trigger-happy hands of the Somali pirates? As the suspense builds, private investigator Carl Lukin, and his lady love, Ann, are hired by Jim Dunning—the CEO of Martin Munitions—to get to the bottom of the mess.

Their discoveries lead them to a loyal employee of Dunning's company, Jake Lunemann, who is stealing three circuit boards a month to pay his grandson’s medical bills. At this moment, Pujals' story becomes fascinatingly complex and proposes several thought-provoking questions: To what ends would one go to preserve the life of a loved one?

Jake essentially triggers the missile fiasco, but greater forces are at work, including a Pakistani general. As Carl Lukin will discover in Algeria, Heat Seekers is quickly becoming a story of international espionage with danger lurking around every corner. Each clue leads Lukin one step closer to the true perpetrator, a ruthless individual who is unafraid of violence.

How can individuals sanction a bloodbath for mere monetary compensation, regardless of the amount? Heat Seekers is an enticing and exciting must read for all who enjoy a thrilling mystery.

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