Hell's Judgment
by Michael Benson
Trafford Publishing

"The monster sprung ferociously into the second floor lobby of the pavilion! The Special Forces guarding every cubicle immediately fired shots at the demon."

The entire world reels in shock after a staggering news broadcast on the weather channel. The recently deceased actor, Albert Finney, appears in ghostly form to issue a dire warning to all of England. Before his death, Finney had appeared in an apocalyptic film "The Rebellious Winter," which chronicles the most deadly natural catastrophes ever, disasters which ultimately destroy the entire planet. At his television appearance, Finney warns that the movie was actually prophetic. The world is going to endure the very same disasters that the film depicts, the first of which will be a tsunami that obliterates England.

Luckily for the inhabitants of the earth, all is not lost. Bishop John McClain has received a revelation from God inspiring him to act; with faith, the world can be saved. McClain discovers that Satan is behind the impending disasters and his plan is to crown one of his minions, Jezebel as Queen of Hell. With her help, Satan will invade England and unleash inconceivable horrors. Only McClain will be able to stop these satanic forces from destroying the world.

Filled with death, mystery, and destruction, there are also discussions of deeper issues, including faith and betrayal. Benson's novel is action-packed. Every page is full of natural disasters, attacking demons, and an Antichrist bent on destruction. Suspenseful and intriguing, this novel has a most unique plot.

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