Here Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!
by Jennifer Scott North

"The mom pointed to the mess on the floor in the living room and said to the kittens,‘That is a very bad thing to do. As a punishment, you will go to bed without any treats tonight.’"

With the stars of the book being three little kittens, two girls and one boy, the narrative takes us through their adventures (and often, their misadventures) in living at their foster home with two parents and a dog. They run, play, nap, and cuddle, just like kittens everywhere. And, of course, they have to visit the vet, and this leads to the adventure of going for a car ride. Other adventures include being locked in the basement (which was rather scary) and meeting up with a spider, as well as learning about sharing space with the family dog. And when the family moves, what will happen to the three kittens? Reading the end of the book will be telling about life as cats.

Although the book would have been enhanced by the inclusion of photos or drawings, this is still a sweet and loving look into the lives of kittens. The author’s series of short stories explores the usual activities that kittens find themselves in. Many children will love the adventures, and parents and teachers can aid them in what it is like to take care of pets and how valuable pets are in our lives. Teaching children about foster parenting can help them to understand that not everyone comes from a family of two biological parents and how important fostering is for pets and, therefore, for children. It can also teach that punishment for misbehavior can still be an expression of love, as well as the importance of going to the doctor. For those looking for an easy and likable read, this book meets the test.

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