The Hidden Magic “at the Center”
by Richard Dale Lode
Truth Center Publishing

"The entire object of Jesus' teaching is to combat the idea of two opposing forces in the world"

We are much more than we appear to be is a truth expressed throughout the ages by philosophers, sages, teachers, and enlightened masters. Lode's book is a thirty-day discourse on learning to distinguish the false from the true, rethinking and reversing many commonly held misperceptions, and attaining a sense of "wholeness" through recognizing the Universal Self—every person's shared and real identity. The author states, "Thus our livingness consists simply in being ourselves; only more so, and we aim not at having or making some particular thing, but at expressing all that we are."

The creative power of God's Thought made man self-conscious and able to evolve into an individually enlightened consciousness that embraces the same spirit as Divine Thought. Self-limiting thoughts are thereby transformed into thoughts that bring freedom from fear and negative thinking. According to Lode, "It is a mistake to think we need to restrict or deprive ourselves of anything in order to develop spiritual power or usefulness."

Beginning with day twenty-two, Lode's book presents his personal spiritual viewpoint strongly based on New Thought Bible interpretation. This includes reexamining Jesus’ teachings in a different way. The author refers to the Universal Affirmation, "I am"... therefore "I can"... therefore "I will," as intrinsic to man's limitless capability attainable in the "here and now."

Though biblical passages are frequently quoted and reflect the author's position, there are no contrasting opinions or sources that refute his assertions. Whether or not you find yourself in agreement with Lode's spiritual concepts, this intense journey of Self-discovery is worth taking.

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