Hidden Magic: Fear of the Smallest Wizard
by N. D. Rabin
AuthorHouse UK

"The giant crimson devil that was their father fell from his position in the air and landed squat on the ground."

Zachary, Saskia, and Rafi are young siblings living a normal life in modern London—going to school, playing games, and spending time with their parents. All of this comes to an abrupt halt when a backyard accident reveals a latent power in 5-year-old Rafi, and a powerful, shadowy organization arrives to investigate. James and Jenna, the children’s parents, whisk them away to Peru where they won’t be discovered. James and Jenna reveal to the kids that they are in fact wizards, and Rafi has just discovered his hereditary powers. As the family heads to Machu Picchu for answers and protection, the sinister company of Darwinian Global that seeks to control the world with a combination of science, magic, and politics is hunting them down, trying to harness the awesome power of the three young wizards-to-be.

After giving lots of consideration to the history and rules of its universe, this story accelerates to a rate of constant action and fantasy that will leave the reader gripped until the very end. Written for a young adult audience, the story is kid-friendly, but the history of Olympus, Atlantis, and Ancient Greece that serves as a backbone for major plot elements may require some knowledge or research of those subjects. The amount of detail that goes into describing the various mythical creatures and the magical, epic battles between devils and magicians bring these scenes to life with Hollywood-style setting and action. Exciting scenes and moments like those are frequent and make this book tough to put down once the plot starts rolling. Expertly paced and perfect for readers of almost any age, this book is an intensely entertaining adventure that serves as a powerful introduction to an epic series.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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