Himalayas: Valley Of Flowers
by Dr. Paul S. Sohi
Trafford Publishing

"Truly, nature is the most powerful force in our lives."

This fifty-page travel book is an introduction to India’s Valley Of Flowers in the Himalayan Mountains. The valley has been included in the list of eight World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It has been said, by the author as well as others, that gods and goddesses traversed these mountains and valleys and the Himalayas padded their path with a glorious abundance of miniature flowers.

The very existence of delicate flowers amid a harsh and forbidding climate at such an altitude (eleven thousand to twenty-two thousand feet) seems miraculous—particularly when one realizes the Valley Of Flowers spreads over thirty-three square miles.

Sohi’s book consists of more than one hundred photographs. Flowers, trails, mountain peaks, and clouds make up the majority of the pictures; however, cityscapes, transportation techniques, and indigenous people are also depicted. The shots vividly show what an arduous journey is required to partake of this natural garden among the clouds. Cautions are also included, reminding potential visitors that snow, heavy rains, and sudden mountain rockslides must be taken into account by those who choose to view this natural wonder in person.

The author’s lineage provides ample bona fides for his examination of this part of the world. Sohi is descended from a long line of military officers who served maharajas in the region. Today he practices dentistry and oversees a number of business interests in the United States. In addition to the photographs in his book, Sohi also provides useful and informative recommendations on how to get there, where to stay, and the best times of year to take in one of the world’s truly unique places.

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