Honey Run Tribute
by Forrest Oldham

"I cover a little of the fire here only to demonstrate the vast effect it had on a large group of people."

The 2018 Camp Fire is the single worst wildfire in the history of the State of California in terms of property and lives lost in its devastation. Taking a microscopic view of the damage done, the author of this book shares photographs taken by him and other area photographers of the Honey Run Covered Bridge, a historical landmark that was almost completely lost in the fire. Showing various angles of both the interior and exterior, the intention is to celebrate and remember a piece of California history. Also shared is the author’s experience as a rideshare driver, transporting people out of and around the area during the seventeen days that the fire was uncontained.

This book serves as a tribute not just to the tragedy of the fire but the resilient spirit of California in moving on. Compiled with care and consideration, this tribute to a bridge captures the same sturdy design and rustic charm that drew people to the Honey Run before it burned down. The importance of the bridge as not only a means of transportation but as a local landmark is captured from many angles and in virtually all seasons by the author and three additional photographers. The anonymous sharing of stories from those directly impacted by the fire adds extra weight and highlights how devastating the wildfire truly was. Additionally, the author is using all of the proceeds of the book to support victims of the fire and community rebuilding efforts in the area. For anyone who has a memory of the Honey Run Covered Bridge or for those that never had the opportunity to see it, this book is a pleasant tribute collected under unfortunate circumstances and used ultimately to create good.

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