"I had no idea at the time how smart my unseen enemy was."

In the second part of an evocative and stirring search for one's spirit, the author shifts focus to scripture, demonstrating the power of God's Word, whether that be read verse by verse or sung through gospel hymns. Walker-Powell's persistence not only helps her grow spiritually but also provides a better life for her family. She now has a house and a car as she is moving forward in life. Whenever any sense of normalcy seems to set in, however, she is faced with more challenges. It is the grace with which she stays steadfast in her faith and her desire to improve that speaks to the reader.

Walker-Powell's penchant for using narrative to reveal crucial lessons is on full display once again. Specifically, the notion that who you surround yourself with matters is best exemplified by the author ironically having a neighbor with her same name—Gloria. From learning to be independent to going back to school, Gloria's influence is an unexpected catalyst that instills in the author the courage to be vulnerable and embrace her imperfections to improve upon them.

When the realization dawns that she, like her own mother, has never hugged her children, her faith helps her embrace truth. With a renewed focus on making relationships whole, she becomes a foster parent to a six-year-old who redefines the meaning of love. Seamlessly, Walker-Powell weaves in her evolving friendship with Dee and her big brother/little sister relationship with Minister Bobby Little. While the church has been essential to the author, she clarifies that those she encountered, both before and after her awakening, have left an indelible mark on her journey. In the same vein as her first book, Walker-Powell effectively delivers her spiritual message while ensuring that her grip on the story never slips.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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