"Since noticing that first 'miracle,' I now see them all the time. I also see many that had preceded this one."

Christine was proud of being a chosen (adopted) child until her parents presented her with a sister—a birth child of their own. Sibling rivalry prompted the first chip-on-the-shoulder attitude which she has successfully resisted ever since. Her marriage to the brother of a coworker was failing even before their wedding day, and they lived separate lives in the same house. But Christine refused to give up and prove her parent’s prediction right. That’s when she got Mojo, a Labrador puppy who she would spend fourteen years with—much longer than her marriage or any other relationship. However, Mojo may have been the unlikely source of her Multiple Sclerosis. As a pathologist assistant, she learned that some people develop a version of MS in reaction to the live canine distemper virus. Adapting to this disease with cane, walker, and miracles along the way, nothing has stopped Christine from a productive life of working, traveling, and living alone.

Based on the title of this memoir, one can easily guess at the author’s sense of humor, intellect, and quick use of sarcasm. She even knew the provocative title of the book before she began her memoir. And, yes, a horse of her own did arise from asking a plumber neighbor to unplug her toilet. The reader’s empathy is neither cultivated nor desired. Instead, Christine’s candor achieves her goal of pointing out from personal experience that the miraculous is ready and willing to help us succeed in whatever role life has given us. The author writes glowingly about her work in pathology labs and also about running a non-profit to help others. Although short-lived due to government regulations, this non-profit brought her a special blessing. Readers are sure to be inspired sharing Christine’s path through life in this 142-page memoir.

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