How the Tears of a Bad Boy Made Him a Man
by James Thomas Wright Jr.

"I encourage you that if you would only take that leap of faith and really start to look within yourself and operate in the freedom that has already been given to us; you will see the peace, prosperity, and happiness in yourself, which has been given to us all."

Written by a former Navy officer and current police officer who has a master’s degree as well as certificates in spiritual work, this short book explores the author’s humble and traumatic beginnings through his rise as a well-respected and God-fearing man. The book focuses on men only, as the author feels men are most in need of his wisdom. He examines the difficulties of growing up in an abusive household, his troubles in school, becoming a father at age 17, and his immersion into the drug world while also working as a pimp. The book focuses on his faith and utilizes numerous biblical passages to support his writings. He writes about men and emotions, techniques for healthy communication, coping with anger and fear, healing through loss and trauma by allowing sadness and tears, meditation and prayer, and challenging one's beliefs.

In only 40 pages, the author is able to examine numerous issues with the focus on healing through God and the Bible. He comes across as a passionate man with the wisdom of one who has not only survived but thrived throughout life by making necessary changes. Writing about himself and his past is an honest and painful look at the “Bad Boy” who grew to become a respected and respectful man. Also, the revelation that men need to focus on their feminine sides is quite pertinent in today’s world. The book exudes humility and humbleness. It is a nice, simple take on growing as a man and one man’s development through his relationship with his own sense of spirituality.

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