How to Increase Your Tips Waiting Tables
by Riccardo Richard Sánchez
Trafford Publishing

"We go to restaurants to be entertained, not only to eat."

The author, who has been in the restaurant business his entire life, presents what he calls "The Full-Range Service Method." In his primer on "best etiquette and culture for waiting tables in any restaurant," information is shared that "should be known by every waitress and waiter, restaurant managers and owners who want to increase their cash flow while providing a pleasing and satisfactory professional service that will assure a continuous inflow" of customers. The book focuses on the following indications that the waitstaff is meeting the customers' needs and desires: 1) Service should always be outstanding; 2) Your greeting should make customers feel welcome; 3) Presentation must be smooth; 4) Do not bore them with your talking; 5) Your appearance includes appropriate dress, being clean, and not overbearing with fragrance; 6) Know what to keep to yourself, and never make negative remarks or insults; 7) Be pleasant with all of your answers; 8) Build relationships with all customers; 9) Tables should always be ready and staff prepared for the rush; 10) Realize that you represent the restaurant. Enjoy doing it well.

It is obvious that Sánchez loves what he does. Through his book, that enthusiasm for providing superior service is most paramount and contagious for the reader. The author—who has seen it all in various restaurant settings over the decades—is full of practical advice and provides enlightening anecdotes from his years of restaurant service, some of which are quite humorous. Sánchez has written a book illuminating the many essentials a waiter or waitress must utilize in order to see actual tips increase over time. He has also presented a unique, behind-the-scenes look into the goings-on in what could essentially be any restaurant in any city.

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