"Once your life is purpose driven, you can make decisions about allocating your time, energy, talent, and other resources."

Though medical advances are made constantly, the average life expectancy does not seem to increase. And how is it that people in civilized countries still die at young and middle ages to various diseases and maladies, but people in remote rural areas around the globe routinely live to a century or more? In this book, as in his other work, the author posits that what really leads to a long, healthy, and happy life is a connection with the natural world and the natural order. This guide focuses on three key areas—love, attitude, and diet—in order to help increase wellness, emotional well-being, and physical health. Each piece of advice is meant to be taken individually and mastered before tackling the next, creating a manageable roadmap of directions that anyone can follow in order to rediscover their place in the natural world.

As the subtitle implies, the author of this book doesn’t expect readers to immediately rewrite each of their habitual activities and ways of thinking and make a radical transformation. Certainly, those that give this book their full attention and an open mind may find themselves in a completely different lifestyle by the end of the journey, but the author’s tone is one that is encouraging and realistic about the recommendations and observations that he makes. Almost half of the book is dedicated to dietary adjustments, explaining the benefits derived from a host of natural foods and beverages. Throughout the book are helpful charts, visual aids, and scientific explanations that give the reader background in why certain things that they think might be good for their health are actually working against them. The guidance in this book is both enthusiastic and motivational, inspiring the reader to take even the smallest step toward a healthier and happier life.

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