by Dick Schoof
Trafford Publishing

"Try was the important factor and then the understanding that if I gave out in mid-trip there was no shame."

Howdy tells the story of Dick Schoof and his courage to travel parts of the United States at the age of 70 using a bicycle. The book provides a detailed day-to-day happening throughout the bike trip in a diary-like fashion. It consists of realistic portrayals of the 61-day adventure and their practical and ideological impact to the author. This includes details on food, weather condition, hygiene and sleep pattern, and what the author and his company feel, see and encounter for the day. All raw thoughts and emotions are shared allowing readers to see how an elderly like Schoof can cope with a highly challenging adventure. It carefully confirms the spirit of willpower and kindness within all men. Howdy exemplifies the triumph of determination over physical limitation. It presents interesting snapshots from the two-month bike trip offering some elderly a solace from the feeling of inadequacy.

Howdy has the potential to boost grit, determination, and passion among elderly. It deconstructs the public's perception of retirement, adding a dose of positive perspective on aging. Schoof's decision to rise above his limitation leads to an emotional, physical, and mental confidence that is thought to be unattainable for his age. The book provides insights and background as to why a deep understanding of geriatrics, elderly affairs, and retirement are critical for people who work with elderly. While it has no specific entry that directly focuses on any of the aforementioned subjects, Schoof provides valuable insights that practitioners can use to craft effective elderly programs. Additionally, everyone is reminded that encouragement and recreation are as important to this segment of the population as to everyone else.

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