I Am Amidst You Now: God The Father/Healing My Truth
by Penny McCoy
Stratton Press, LLC

"Though you think I Am not
You can be sure that I Am on the scene
And I know all things big...small and between."

The author states her goal early for this 78-page book; it is to set readers’ hearts free to follow their God-given destiny. McCoy knows this is possible, having lived through teenage success and mistakes, followed by feelings of failure. She was once a world champion alpine skier who subsequently made bad choices which she has now overcome with God’s help.

The author divides her work into several sections. Section two contains the substance of the book: ten messages that are much like Psalms for our day and age. The messages tell how to chase away darkness with light, give a promise to remove handcuffs placed on hearts by living in this world, and issue a call to experience God’s freedom from self-imposed prisons of regret.

Like a coach giving a divine pep talk, McCoy encourages her readers to listen up. Because the Great I Am is in the midst of his people, they should not look for help from others, nor depend on worldly advice. The author switches formats effortlessly between prose to poetry. This is because all messages in Section Two share a similar pattern of rhyme and/or meter, with only the change to stanzas marking the transition. Repetition of phrases resemble the yoga mantra used to emphasize key points, such as God’s omnipotence (But look to me my miracles to perform) and omnipresence (I am the eternal time clock). With a dramatic illustration facing each title page, this book can make an excellent gift of encouragement. The appropriate audience, defined within the Prison Child message, includes young or old who hurt emotionally from past rejections and pain.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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