I Said I Can Do It, I Did It and So Can You
by Dave McEwen
LitFire Publishing

"I had been expected to learn to live in a wheelchair and here I was WALKING out of the hospital!"

The author had to relearn almost every physical movement after a freak automobile accident left the young man with brain injuries, some paralysis, lack of feeling in some limbs, and a total lack of balance. Having grown up on a farm in Canada and also a dedicated horseman accustomed to a rough and tumble lifestyle, McEwen at first reacted with a sort of mania—ranting, screaming, and even attempting to attack hospital staff. But with the persistent encouragement of family and therapists, and with his own deep determination, he was walking unaided within a remarkably short time. Within a few years, he was able to secure steady, fulltime employment, marry, and manage land and horses. Yet troubles would still beset him occasionally. He battled poor eyesight, broken bones, and the loss of several fingers. In recent times, he has become a vocal proponent of meditation and offers substantiation for the help it can provide for a wide variety of dysfunctions.

McEwen’s action-filled story is told boldly and plainly in what is at times an almost minute-by-minute account of his suffering and almost superhuman triumph over unique and trying circumstances. In this gutsy, frank memoir, he paints a picture that does not conceal his sense of failure in some areas of his life, while continually exhorting the reader facing any challenge to try harder, to maintain faith in God, and to remember that success is always possible. In what he calls “Probably the Final Chapter in This Life,” he strongly recommends the practice of meditation through a process known as entrainment. He lists 132 benefits of meditation that demonstrate its notable power to heal an array of disorders. McEwen’s recollections project his justifiable conviction that his achievements can serve as an inspiration for anyone struggling with mental and physical setbacks.

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