I Wanna Be – A Diamond… Someday!
by Anton K. Vyborny
Trafford Publishing

"Ten thousand drinks in a thousand bars in a hundred cities—it all became the same."

When life goes sour, he hits the Interstate. Geoff McEwen, Navy Seal Vietnam Veteran, does his best writing in bars... all across the country. The chance meeting of an old teammate in a Montana bar stirs memories of his past. In reliving them, Geoff realizes he's become a spectator in life, always searching for what he's lost. Self doubts, insecurities, restlessness, two divorces, and meaningless relationships dog his every step. The tension, the trip down is worth the witnessing.

When Geoff meets Sondra (Sonni), a woman whom he feels is his true soul mate, she is the one who pulls back, feeling the need to work through complications in her own life. Geoff leaves but refuses to say goodbye. Readers can't help rooting for him to come to grips with old animosities, and choose to reconnect with life, his uncompleted book… and Sonni. Or has he traveled too far for too long?

This book offers bits of old songs while replaying memories through backstory accented by mouth-watering culinary tastes, unique characters, and a delightful tour of the U.S. Author Anton K. Vyorny understands this character's soul and gives the reader a realistic analyses of a war-torn veteran. This could easily become a cliche, but it does not. Hopefully this writer will continue to offer such insights into the soldier's battles after war.

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