If I Hold You in My Teardrop
by Hosain Mosavat

"From deep within
a spiritual storm evolves
Crack your chest
and a heart will appear
which is more beautiful than any pearl"

This second book of poetry from Mosavat takes on a more personal tone while still highlighting his all-encompassing appreciation for love. Drawing from a respect and honor for his own family, some of the poems in this collection deal with familial relations, particularly the mother-son bond. To strengthen this message, opposite every poem in this book is a transfer of the author’s mother’s calligraphy of her favorite Persian poetry. Other poetry topics this time around include musings on travel, letting loose and enjoying life, and conversations with a higher power in order to understand the intricacies and meanings of life.

Using his now trademark enthusiasm and reflection, fans of the author’s previous book will find much more inspiration in this collection. Adding onto the author’s previous work while still standing alone, this volume is longer and features many of the same themes that were included in Come...Sit in My Heart while offering wholly original content that will please readers of the first book. The structure and style are identical, proving that Mosavat’s approach is consistent and pleasing to readers who are now collecting his work to enjoy. Though so much of Mosavat’s focus is on the subject of love, his infectious passion and variety of thoughts on the subject create an approach that is enjoyable to read, reflect upon, and share with others or use as a motivator. The entire book can be read in a relatively short period of time, but such an approach does little service to the revelations and inspirations captured on these pages. If the first book introduced readers to the author, this second one will solidify his place as a cherished poet.

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