If Stilettos Could Speak
by A. S. Kingly

"Our first inconsistency. Now that is interesting."

What happens when an old mystery drops itself back into your lap once again? That’s the situation that Detective Garrett Sandoval has found himself in. He has been stuck in a rut and looking to redeem his career when a series of women start to go missing from local nightclubs. He is reminded of the eerily similar cases that plagued his early career, ones that he has now been forced to reopen to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. The only clues he has are the high-heeled shoes left behind following each disappearance. Is it a copy cat trying to mimic the disappearances from the past? Or has the original perpetrator come back for more? It doesn’t take long for the culprit to drop another, more telling clue that will drag out old foes and make Detective Sandoval question everything he thinks he knows.

This intriguing mystery is the perfect cozy story that all mystery lovers will easily dive into. It has all of the elements that will keep readers on their toes but still will feel like the kind of tale to curl up next to the fire with. Sandoval makes for a fun and interesting lead as he rushes to solve this series of disappearances. He has a unique combination of intelligence and humor that makes him a blast to follow along with. The same applies to many of the other various characters that the reader interacts with during the story such as Detective June, Bella, and Eliza.

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