"Have you stopped for a minute from your busy schedule and daily activities to just worship God for getting you through your day?"

Everybody has their hard days, their own struggles and obstacles to overcome in life. And when those hard times come, sometimes people have the strength to get past them, but other times it feels too big to handle. In these moments, many turn to God for support and strength, but how can someone know to ask if a regular relationship with God hasn’t been established? In this book, the author outlines twenty-three life values that can be integrated every day that will not only tighten the reader’s bond with God but also with other people. In so doing, a support network will be created of heavenly influence, people who have experienced kindness, and a greater personal sense of fulfillment that gives you the energy to see things through.

Each chapter of this book focuses on a different value such as forgiveness, prayer, accountability, or loving your enemies. Mirera expertly combines scripture with introspective questioning and guiding exercises to take each concept and turn it into something that can be actionable and implemented in day-to-day thought. Most readers will already be living the example of a handful of the virtues presented here, but it’s possible to read the chapters in any order. Additionally, even if someone feels they have a quality, reading the chapter on it may give them more to think about or help them understand the importance and value in what they do. Uplifting and empowering, the goal of this book is to guide and share the behaviors that lead to social kindness to ourselves, to others, and to God. With something for everybody and plenty to think about, this can be an ideal read for someone looking to create positive change in their life.

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