by Helen Walters
Xlibris AU

"'You are perfect in every way, and you will be mine forever.'"

First, he finds them, studying their daily routines and habits. Then he integrates himself into their lives, becoming an invisible presence until it’s too late. After brutally carving up his ‘perfect’ victims, he leaves without a trace… until his next strike.

Detective Alice Forbes has been working this case for the last two years. So, when the killer accidentally leaves one victim alive and takes another with him, the detective believes she’ll finally be able to catch him. But it’s a race against the clock as Forbes and her team work to gather enough evidence and properly identify the serial killer. Will they make it in time before he claims another? With a clever plot twist and a shock ending, this is one murder mystery that will leave the reader wanting more.

The author does a great job of creating a M.O. for the serial killer that isn’t standard, and it adds a rather dark twist to the overall story. The game of cat-and-mouse that unfolds has many layers, intertwining the paths of the characters in unexpected ways. However, this element of the story might have been made stronger if the detective had been introduced earlier in the story as opposed to at the halfway point. With the narrative switching between the murderer, the victims, and the detective, it gives the reader different perspectives and timelines as to how each event plays out. The result is a tense read, playing off the varying emotions of each character as well as the knowledge of the reader.

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