Imaginings: 21st Century Poet
by Cameron Mcnaughton
AuthorHouse UK

"Now I think what comes next
Is dancing on the spot, sleeping in, watching films and eating a lot"

An impressive and vast collection of poems covering a large range of work both in subject matter and style, McNaughton’s poetry compilation delves into many areas of life, love, and friendship, showcasing the young poet’s craft through various peoples’ “feelings, images, and ideas” (or, as he puts it, “imaginings”). In these roughly 360 pages, readers can find poetic pieces on waking from a powerful dream, the desire to cuddle, happy-go-lucky love notes, and celebrating the frosting as the “best bit” of a cake. Featured as well is the young poet’s love for his mum and the “fabulousness” of an ordinary Wednesday. Other poems touch on best friendship and how “love can blind us” or descriptive nature poetry such as “Meadow Sleep.” And some poems play with the sound of language, such as “Phone Call” which explores the use of alliteration: “Appalled at my actions / Attending an annual aimless article for absolutely abhorrent / apes.”

It is worth pointing out that the author of this poetry collection is only thirteen years of age. One would not necessarily know it, based on the maturity, depth of style, and substance which a great many of these poems expose to the reader’s imagination. The young poet writes that the material comprising these more than 130 poems was born as “coping mechanisms . . . to get through my own struggles by understanding the perspectives of other people.” The young British writer began composing his poems at the tender age of ten and has since written in excess of 2,000 pieces. To be sure, his voluminous output does not affect the unique, childlike quality of each individual piece. Lovers of language and the creative expression of poetry will certainly enjoy McNaughton’s collection.

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