Inside the Giant Electric Machine: Volume Two
by John Guiliano
Trafford Publishing

"We couldn't have a better team of technicians working on that very important piece of equipment."

In this second title of the series, Louie and his eclectic crew of riggers, electricians, and machinists are tasked with working on the giant emergency diesel generator. The device is expelling high temperature exhaust and smoke that is too white, and so it's up the team to head to the site and fix the problem. The generator needs to be taken apart piece by piece before it can be repaired, and safety is the highest concern for everyone involved, along with not introducing any foreign materials into the delicate internals of the engine. With these as top priorities, the crew is working hard to get it all done right the first time and get the giant emergency diesel generator back online as quickly and safely as possible.

Written in script format, this title introduces us to all of the members of the maintenance crew and walks step by step through the disassembly and repair of the generator. From the secure electrical shutdown to removing walls up to the eventual dismantling and reinsertion of the cylinders, no detail is spared. There are multiple characters, each with a job to do and seemingly a special skill. However, the star of this book is not any particular member of the team but instead the giant emergency diesel generator, lovingly described and having the function of its many parts explained. This title emphasizes doing the job right the first time and will likely be most enjoyed by those who are fascinated with large, complex machines and methodical construction crews.

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