Inside the Sun
by Alexis Marie Chute

"As if reading my thoughts, Finnah says, ‘An easy life is one without love. Love is a risk, a choice, and is often hard, which is why it’s worth it.’"

Plagued by cancer and muteness, Ella Wellesley continues her journey to unlock the Star since she holds the key to saving the universe. As she battles not only her cancer but also mother-daughter conflicts and horrible dreams, she strives to preserve her relationship with her Bangol boyfriend, Luggie. Ella also faces the fact that the key to saving the Star, and ultimately, everything else is her life. As Ella copes with the fact that she may have to die for a cause she does not fully understand, she must summon her inner strength in order to complete what she knows is her destiny.

The third installment to the 8th Island Trilogy, the author’s novel blends science fiction with heartfelt, family-based realism. As this book examines the struggles of being a teenager with a debilitating, potentially terminal disease, it inspires readers to look at their own lives and examine what obstacles they must overcome as well as how they will overcome them. Ella’s determination to survive cancer and save the universe sends the positive message that no matter what trials and tribulations one faces, and no matter how prepared or unprepared one is for these challenges, surrounding oneself with loving people and finding the inner strength to conquer hold the key to a successful life. At its core, too, the novel conveys that though life’s darkest moments may seem utterly unconquerable, finding a path through them always leads to an overwhelming brightness that surpasses all. This book is a must-read for anyone needing inspiration and healing during seemingly insurmountable times of grief, loss, and devastation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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