Inspirational Wit & Wisdom
by Howard A. Crosby Sr.
LitFire Publishing

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."

Crosby divides his impressive compilation of aphorisms into alphabetical chapter categories (minus the letters ‘Q’ and ‘X’). While some compilers might opt to arrange their quotations by topic as well as alphabetical order, the author has chosen to allow his collection to shine primarily through the number and quality of the ones he has gathered. The quotations cover a nearly infinite range of topics, and the potential to apply these to life’s challenges is readily apparent. Many will appeal to Christian and spiritually inclined readers, and the author recognizes Our Daily Bread for their kind permission to allow him to include inspirational thoughts drawn from thirty years of their well-known devotional booklets.

There are quotations for all imaginable situations, whether one seeks solace, guidance, or divinely inspired encouragement, such as “Joy thrives best in the soil of thankfulness.” The author also dispenses conventional wit and wisdom through delightful secular quotations. Some are attributed to particular authors and sages, and some are anonymous, culled from the folk wisdom of diverse cultures and written sources. Examples of wit in the marital bliss category range from “A ‘blushing bride’ may just be flushed with victory” to “‘Zip-up-the-back’ dresses deserve credit for bringing man and wife together.”

Some additional commentary may have made the collection more robust. Still, these pithy adages—whether witty, stern, or somewhere in between—will provide endless hours of thoughtful examination and enjoyment. After all, as the final entry of the collection states, “Zeal is love on fire,” and Crosby has clearly graced the world with his devotion to inspiration and love of language.

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