"In my perception, whole foods in their natural state have a more powerful Chi than highly processed foods."

Drawing on four decades worth of experience, the author of this book wants to help readers navigate the constantly evolving field of dietary trends and philosophies. From raw, vegan diets to macrobiotics and always as organic as possible, the information collected here combines first-hand experience, plenty of sourced written information, and a friendly constructive approach to make no grain or green too intimidating. Incorporating the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, the five elements, and plenty of centering, spiritual quotes throughout the text, the goal for the reader is to not only improve their eating habits but to do so in a way that provides a more present, complete sense of well-being on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Full of personal memories and insights, this is more than another diet book. Instead, it serves as a roadmap for those looking to get more out of what they put into themselves.

The author’s significant experience as an educator in this field shines as she tackles subjects that she openly acknowledges can create a defensive response in others. In sharing her own experiences dealing with a tonal shift in treatment from family and friends—despite wanting to make her new eating habits as accommodating as possible—the author either disarms or encourages readers based on their attitudes going into the book. That level of understanding remains on display as the instruction veers from dietary education to spiritualism to medical concerns about modern consumer practices within the food industry; it is always accessible, always flexible to the individual’s needs or goals. That flexibility is what makes this book ideal for readers either starting out a new dietary journey or for those looking to make a transition to a philosophy that will better nourish both the body and spirit.

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