by Lanayre Liggera

"It was hard to look her in the eye, to say one word, 'Love.'"

The Honorable Sir Carter Braxton lives a life of prestige and power but, ultimately, one of loneliness. After agreeing to preside over the case of a dangerous criminal known as Sanderson—who has been brought to justice by a high-tech global surveillance system—Braxton’s life is under constant threat, with professional hitmen deployed throughout Europe, waiting for a vulnerable moment to make a move. Enter Valerie Falconer, an old friend of Carter’s, and a woman he has always admired, who visits him after the death of her husband. Valerie asks him to help her sell a sprawling estate that she can no longer maintain. As the two get reacquainted, Carter’s old feelings begin to re-emerge, and he must find a way to either swallow them once more or put a stop to the danger in his life if he is to let Valerie in.

Containing elements of action, suspense, drama, and entirely plausible modern science-fiction, at its heart, this is a story about a love between two people and the vulnerabilities they have to overcome if they want to join their lives together. Carter’s enforced isolation poses a huge security risk to Valerie and her family, while Valerie’s loss of her husband and already established family pose an obstacle to inviting in a career bachelor like Carter. There are equal amounts of wish-fulfillment with the extravagant lifestyles of the characters in addition to down-to-earth realism with the kind of concerns two people would have falling in love later in life. There’s an immediately enjoyable closeness between the two characters, but there’s still a fair amount of will-they-or-won’t-they to keep readers invested. Fans of a good, wholesome love story will find themselves drawn into this book from start to finish.

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