"Professionals who offer help need to understand the spiritual problem that is causing the dysfunction. Sick people must be trained to think differently about themselves . . ."

This book begins with Harris’ testimony of what happened to her family as a result of not knowing the connection between spiritual influences and human illness and addiction. Her father died of alcoholism at fifty-two; her son was killed in a car crash on his eighteenth birthday. Another son, depressed at forty-eight, hanged himself, and when she divorced, her husband was experiencing alcoholic-related blackouts. After eight years of therapy, Harris was losing her will to resist interior suggestions of suicide. Sitting alone on her couch, she covered both eyes and looked inward. What happened next amazed her.

Like the man in Luke, Chapter 8, who was possessed by evil spirits, the author saw five ghost-like spirits in her mind planning maneuvers to destroy her. One saw her. They all hid, and her mind went dark. Instinctively, she did as Jesus had, demanding that the spirits “Get the * Out of My Space.” They objected as she declared out loud that she believed in herself. Self-love returned light into her mind. Light was what evil could not stand.

The author is highly motivated to get this word out. She states that she lost her family but promises to do her best to help others save theirs. Harris now works as a spiritual counselor who teaches clients to shift their energy for healing purposes. She believes that a healthy energy balance requires a ratio of at least 51% positivity in order to maintain self-healing. With the skill of a compassionate teacher, Harris explains that the Book of Enoch, excluded from most Bibles, provides an insight into the origin of spiritual encounters. She clearly defines the auric light field, to which demons are attracted, and which surrounds every living person. Using a chart and poems, Harris candidly shares with both clients and readers what she has learned at high personal cost.

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