It’s All About Love
by Hosain Mosavat

"Do you really think
indifference to people’s pain
conquering, capturing, and enslaving
people or animals
is natural?"

Mosavat’s work has the uncanny ability to recalibrate the heart; the poetry is so pure in its intent to spread love that it will undoubtedly impel readers to realign love in their lives. As the title suggests, this is not simply an ode to romance, but a commemoration of how love is intertwined with every aspect of life. A master at his craft, Mosavat composes poems that are the eyes through which readers can embrace love.

Ironically, the poet himself tried to disprove the “it’s all about love” theory early in life, ultimately realizing that it is futile. Though Mosavat’s work is not distinguished by poem names, there are concepts that add to its identity. For instance, to “gravitate with love,” the speaker suggests, is only possible when you have made yourself light by releasing yourself from the worries and stressors that anchor you down. Similarly, the poetry delves into the spiritual context but makes it clear that the “center of love” will be found from within the individual, not at a spiritual center or from a guru.

Depicting love through spring, Mosavat encourages readers to understand that a life in love will yield eternal spring, a blossoming that will be strengthened by both the sunshine and the darkness to emerge in its truest form. Focused on acting in the now, building a life of action rather than promises, the speaker of Mosavat’s poetry demonstrates the potency of love through a multitude of angles, making his thought-provoking poetry a must-read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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