It’s OK to Tell: Healing Process Diary
by Marie Giles
Xlibris AU

"Am I ever going to be happy, really happy?"

In the aftermath of coming to terms with her sexual abuse at a young age, the author has collected diaries that she wrote between 2002 and 2004 recording her struggles in the hopes of allowing those in her life to fully understand her as well as help those who may feel helpless in a similar situation to hers. Documenting a lengthy investigation, trial, and appeal process of her abuser as well as struggles with her mental health while being available for her husband and children, these journals are open, honest, and intense windows into the mind of someone learning to cope with a terrible history that she could not control or forget. Each journal in this book is organized chronologically, telling the author’s story in her own words as she lived them.

Considering the subject matter, it is worth pointing out that as reassuring as this diary can be to a reader trying to cope with a similar situation, the only redacted details are names and places, which have been changed for legal reasons. As a result, the details of the author’s abuse are present and can be disturbing or triggering to those who have gone through a similar situation. These journals would not be complete without them, however, as they are the primary focus of the author’s life during this time frame, and choosing to face down that demon is her main motivation. The honesty and the courage that appears on every page highlights the highs and lows of daily life in the aftermath of abuse and are both heart-wrenching and life-affirming to experience indirectly. The topic is one that is not for timid readers, but the experiences and perspectives are powerful to read about and could be life-saving in the right hands.

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