Jasmine and the Lamp of Spells
by Leonard Tate

"Boil the root of tangled snout.
Drink the broth, so piping hot.
A heavy sweat with darkness comes,
a sickness gone when day is done."

Witches, warlocks, sorcerers, changelings, elves, fairies, and humans comprise the majority of players in this bewitching fantasy. With slight glimpses of Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore, this story has its own tale to tell. Set in medieval times, the forces of good and evil clash in a conflict between kingdoms. The Witch Queen Borosia, ruler of the dark Kingdom of Willowdown, is determined to conquer the human Kingdom of Rodan, ruled by King Vroland, and where Jasmine and her father, the King’s military commander, reside. Meanwhile, the witch Borosia seeks to seize the Lamp of Spells, which will provide her with the power to win the war and seek revenge for the killing of her father in the former Battle of Nadia. When Jasmine discovers that her father is missing from the village where they live, she sets out on a mission to find him. The courageous Jasmine navigates the dark woods of Bantok Forest and fights the wicked beasts of Willowdown as they attempt to capture her and the magic lamp she carries. Will the Lamp of Spells save her from her deadly entanglements?

Tate has a keen awareness of the balance of power politics among kingdoms. As the Kingdom of Rodan increases its richness and power, the Kingdom of Willowdown rises up to displace its dominance. The author presents a third kingdom: the peaceful Kingdom of the Magic Forest—occupied by elves, fairies, and changelings—which claims neutrality and refuses to engage in war lest its magical powers be taken away. Beneath the overarching plots between kingdoms, there are several subplots that add to the complexities of this enchanting legend. Readers will be drawn into the many twists and turns this story takes. The work begs for another saga involving the kingdoms, creatures, and humans that readers will have come to know.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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