Is Jesus God?
by Shirley Holmes-Sulton
Trafford Publishing

"I found the scriptures… so rich and plain (all of the Word is rich) that there was no need for anything other than what was written in the Scriptures by King James. We must always remember three things: God can’t lie, God can’t die, and God cannot sin."

Written by a Christian believer, this book of scriptural quotations and short essays is the creation of Pastor Shirley Holmes-Sulton. Wishing to "shed some light on God's word," she moves through the Bible, citing passages that suggest to her that Jesus was "concealed" in the Old Testament and "revealed" in the New. In the Old Testament, God himself spoke to people: Adam, Abraham, Noah. In the New, his presence arises in two ways: through dreams and angels, and through the incarnation of Jesus. But even from earliest times, God was setting the stage. Holmes-Sulton refers us to Old Testament passages in Numbers, Isaiah, and Psalms alluding to the story of Christ, to his suffering, his prophecies, and his glory. The author takes comfort from the fact that "every day we awake to a brand new day," a new chance to recognize God as creator, author, and finisher of all that is.

The author writes in a plain, straightforward way, which is occasionally didactic but not overbearing. She previously published two editions of this book under a different title: Everybody Ought to Know Who Jesus Is. The new title implies a new strategic method: raise the question, and let the reader contemplate the answer. For her, the conclusion is clear: Jesus is the Son of God and God's Word, but God encompasses Jesus in spirit and in body. She references this in many ways throughout her text, hoping to lead readers to the same understanding. Though this book does not propose to present any new facts about the Biblical story of God and his son, it may be of interest to people looking for new ways to examine the material that exists. It could be helpful in a Bible study group.

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