Jonathan’s Venture
by Wai Kit Chiang

"We must work together as one collective mind and body or we haven’t learned a thing."

Commander Robert Jameson is eight months into a two-year leave when he is ordered to return to active duty. The United Federation Space Program has approved a vessel that will be equipped to make a long voyage into space, one which doesn’t require its crew to hibernate during travel. Jameson’s past work convinces the orchestrators of this journey that he is the perfect man to command such an endeavor. His assignment is to put together a crew in which each member will take part in the final construction of a new ship—the Jonathan. This crew must be able to live together in harmony as well as know the inner-workings of the Jonathan so that. if needed, they can repair and maintain the vessel during the trip. As the crew is put in place, it is evident that each member is part of a whole which works autonomously to keep the ship stable through its travels.

This unique and innovative book is the author’s attempt to explain to the non-scientific reader three types of autonomy: non-bio-organic autonomy, bio-organic autonomy, and social autonomy. Using the make-up of the vessel and the various destabilizing events which occur during its journey, he effectively explains the ways in which these autonomies work. By first explaining the concept of each autonomy and then illustrating the concept through the fictional voyage of the Jonathan, the author offers an easy to understand lesson on the concept. Whether the reader is knowledgeable about these concepts or is a novice, there is much to learn by reading this work. Not only does the author make his ideas understandable, but he also includes a large number of references for further study. This blend of fact and fiction offers valuable information on autonomy to curious readers.

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