Joshua's Atlas
by Gerald T. Dale
Trafford Publishing

"Joshua knew that deep inside he wanted to help. He certainly longed for the adventure."

Though many before him dreamt of it, Joshua Burke made the flying car a reality. Hoping to revolutionize the transportation industry, Joshua is ready to show his modified gray Mustang GT to the world. Unfortunately, after revealing his secret to family friend Colonel Morris Stokes, the soldier's dreams of combat utility force Joshua to continue his work alone. While people are mistaking his vehicle for a UFO, aliens from Stargus, an artificial world hidden in Earth's orbit, make contact with Joshua and ask him for assistance. Choosing to trust their unlikely story, Joshua is led away from his home planet and learns more about the quest he must undertake, which involves curing missionaries of an illness that leads to amnesia. Now Joshua finds himself at odds with the U.S. Air Force, while trying to complete a mission with the fate of planet Earth in the balance.

Putting a new spin on the familiar superhero-origin stories, this title focuses mainly on the obligations of doing the right thing and having to keep a dangerous secret from loved ones. Joshua is forced to find a way to help his alien allies, while maintaining his traveling salesman job, keeping his girlfriend Annie happy, and eluding the ever-present pursuit of his military adversaries. Armed with only his wits and his flying car "Bernie," readers are brought along on a journey across the United States and to a strange alien world. The young at heart will be thrilled by the action and will root for the hero to overcome all the obstacles put in his path.

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