A Journey to Self-Peace
by Dr. Abdelfattah Mohsen Badawi
Trafford Publishing

"To walk the path of God requires continuously remembering his Holy Name and merging in His Holy Love, developing love in the heart and great care of peace of mind."

Clearly written, this doctoral dissertation of Dr. Badawi is thought-provoking and informative. Badawi begins his book by explaining that, regardless of their religious preference, people typically search for happiness and peace in places where it cannot be found. Badawi claims that lack of peace is a direct result of the daily pressures we experience. Such problems like the West and its "crisis of morals" insure that people are unable to "desert their animal nature" and thus are unable to attain peace. Instead, positive thinking, surrender to God, and devotion are key to becoming healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Other topics that Badawi covers are service, non-violence, forgiveness and avoiding envy.

Full of information on attributes that destroy peace, this book also gives some simple suggestions on how to avoid or rid oneself of them. For example, he advises that anger is the antithesis of peace, as it causes men to make many mistakes and lash out at others. He then suggests activities that might distract one from his anger, such as going for a walk or reciting God's name. Later, Badawi writes about the connection of peace to health and he delves into such topics as biofeedback. This practice, according to Badawi, makes it "possible to consciously control the unconscious body systems such as blood pressure, body temperatures, muscles tension and even gland secretions." Badawi thoroughly covers the many topics related to gaining peace in this world. Easy to access and understand, this information is uplifting and interesting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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