Journeys with Justine
by Janine Canan
Regent Press

"Justine needed a change, not just of her name but of her whole being; how much she needed at last to be her deepest truest self; how much she needed that strength, in order to face whatever was yet to come on her journey."

At thirteen Justine's life long journey begins. It leads her to adventure, joy, grief, painful love affairs, betrayal and disillusionment. Midway through, her life comes apart at the seams, and she leaves California in search of herself. In Bali, she meets a Balian healer; in France, the mad mystic Rumi who guides her toward the Divine Feminine; and in India, she discovers the worship of the Divine Mother. "Terribly tired of carrying the unbearable burden of her own ego," she finds there are still more lessons to be learned. While greeting the third Millennium at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, she gleans that "love is the foundation of the universe" and life is "nothing but a search for that one thing." Nearing the journey's end, Justine feels peaceful and stronger. Her resolution at sixty is to always be true to who she is.

Travelogues are common these days and many authors have their followers. This is true for Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. Like Canan’s book, the foundation is spiritual practice. Story characters trail similar paths seeking pleasure, prayer, meditation, and spiritual searching. Both books hint of the New Age Movement.

Enlightening stories, enthralling characters, and exciting events make Canan's book an excellent read for people who have experienced similar difficulties in their lives and seek healing. For other readers, perseverance is rewarded with the understanding gained by the pursuit of life's true meaning.

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