by M. Kelly

"A final decision had to be made to escape the web that was pulling him ever closer to peril."

Exploring attachments that exist both in this world and within the spirit realm, this novel tells the story of several different characters that are all attached to each other, even if they don’t yet know it. Riccardo serves as the centerpiece of the narrative that the other major players and relationships branch off from. Readers are introduced to Riccardo’s first and second wife, his family, and the loyal security guards who have been instructed to protect them. After a strange accident that brought to light more questions than it answered, two of the security guards lost their lives. This left their wives widowed at a young age, and thus they set out to find answers so they could attain peace and closure in the wake of their husbands’ deaths. In their quest for answers, they come across a spirit medium who could be helpful, although she herself comes from a troubled background and is still learning how to use her gift appropriately.

Kelly examines the juncture theme in a lot of different ways but makes sure that the interconnectedness of the characters is just beneath the surface at all times. In fact, as all of the participants push towards their own individual truths and changes, the author expertly reveals that they are actually strengthening the links between themselves and have unknowingly set out on a course that will lead them right to each other. This is the third book in the Pathways in the Mind set which acquaints followers of the series with Riccardo, his first wife Marion, and security guards, Flynn and George. Kelly shows her skills in character development in this installment by delving further into Riccardo’s personal struggles and then answers a very important question—will Riccardo be able to hold up under the pressure, or will he finally break?

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