Just Another Trip
by Martin Whittle

"He was sweating now, even though it was freezing cold, and he concentrated on keeping the aircraft steady. The flak was all around them, and the closer exploding shells rocked the aircraft, the shrapnel rattling against the side."

The men of M-Mother are a motley crew with a mixed bag of ages, backgrounds, and experience. But all differences are put aside when they take flight. Together, they man a bomber aircraft during World War II, running bombing missions for the RAF. Just Another Trip provides a snapshot of the life of Pilot Officer Matt White and his fellow crewmembers during the height of the war. In between flights, the crew members do their best to relax and unwind, though the war never leaves their mind. With each trip, the men risk their lives and despite going on many runs together, it never gets much easier. It's hard to relax when every flight could be their last.

The book alternates between two worlds: the dangers of the bombing run, and the leisurely free time spent with friends and lovers. This dichotomy creates a palpable tension that grips on even when Matt and his crew are away from the aircraft. Each character is an integral part of the aircraft's smooth operation, and each handles the war in a different way. As M-Mother sees more and more bombing runs, it is ripped apart both figuratively and literally. Over time, the war takes its toll on everyone involved. Follow Matt as he enjoys the company of his nurse girlfriend, forges strong bonds with the men around him, and deals with loss on a level only the war can create. This well-researched historical novel deposits us in the middle of a war-torn world and highlights war's many facets, from its power to take lives to its power to unite them.

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