Kaleidoscope View: A Collection of Poems About One
Man's Feelings on Love And His Life’s Experiences
by Ron Boehm Trafford Publishing

"Time marches on, it never looks back. All of a sudden, youth is gone. Where has time gone? It marched on, it marched on."

Boehm elegantly integrates reflection and introspection to convey his thoughts and life's experiences in Kaleidoscope View. Broken into seven stages, Boehm touches on topics, among others, of love, the beauty of women, travel, aspiration, and philosophy. More than anything, the collection of poetry is infused with strong visuals, a fervent energy, and impeccable rhythm: The words are dancing on the page.

The audience will easily connect to Boehm's poems, particularly the romanticized portrayals of love in "A Special Date,"” "Like a First Date," and especially "The Lady." In each, Boehm depicts the unique moments of one's life, such as a first date or unexplainably falling for Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect. In "The Lady," the author describes a woman as a friend, a lover, and "a woman to complete the man. Someone to conquer the world with." Interestingly, the grace and charm of the woman is compared to the delicate nature of the rose, the bright red complexion of the strawberry, and the drifting swan as it creates ripples across the pond.

As the poetry progresses, Boehm tackles universal questions on the search for happiness, solitude, and an emotion most are privy to, heartache. From bars and stream gazing to breathtaking natural scenery, Kaleidoscope View not only demonstrates the importance of exploration and travel, but also shows the numerous places the author has visited during his time on Earth.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the sections is Boehm's take on ambition. In "The Voyager," he expertly uses the analogy of a sail boat trying to conquer the gargantuan seas. He urges his readers to not be afraid of failure: "set your course and hoist your sail, and fear not that your odyssey fail." According to Boehm, the worse case scenario is that your tale will make for a good night of storytelling. Though Boehm broaches difficult philosophical questions pertaining to time and uncertainties, his poems never sway from their distinct ability to connect with the reader, making this an appealing read for poetry lovers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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