Kaleidoscope: Celebrating the Hues of Life
by Kevin Haze
Trafford Publishing

"You mistake me for a wall,
As a mirror I see it all.
Year by year, I hear and hear
I capture images crystal clear,
I smile ‘coz each smile I hold dear..."

Kevin Haze explores the meaning of life in his book of thoughtful, introspective poetry. The book is divided into four parts, and each part deals with a different seeker as they travel the path of return and try to reach the same destiny, which ends the cycle of death and rebirth. The poems trace the paths of a lover, doer, seer, and a believer, as they travel toward their destinies and search for life's truths.

In the first poem, called "The Mirror, Me," Haze postulates how we are not very different from a mirror. This long poem takes us on an inward journey, so that we may know ourselves and to realize that we are One with the Divine Spirit. Similarly, in the poem about love, called "An Ode: To My Heart's Abode,” Haze explores the idea of evolving through one's love and through that love once again becoming whole with the Divine.

The book's cover is pleasing to the eye, featuring a rainbow in a kaleidoscope of colors, hence the book's name. The poems are written in a classic, rhyming verse, in an easy-to-read font, and there are a plenty of white spaces within the poems to let the eye rest and contemplate the message within. A book for poetry lovers and seekers of the Divine, this book is designed to be read by those who want to study life.

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