Keys to the Kingdom Revealed
by Richard Dunlap

"Each of us as Christians are responsible to pursue His same lifestyle if we have asked for Jesus to be in our hearts and have repented of all sin, which is cleansed by the blood of Jesus and puts us in right standing with the Father."

A fundamentalist approach to Christianity, the book examines the supernatural through the thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and visions of the author as well as the people he works to heal. The author indicates how he was a rather lax Christian until he attended a revival in 1997, which led him to focus on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and intense work into his religion. The book then focuses on his religious beliefs: the laying on of hands to heal others; the sins, curses, and evil spirits which include physical and mental illnesses; generational curses that are incurable by mankind, such as cancer, acne, and fibromyalgia; and curses to pets, along with other evil spirits. Much is revealed by the testimonies of people he has healed through the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Also explored is the value of revival as well as the keys to spiritual warfare. Interspersed throughout the book are quotes from scripture.

The book beautifully shows the author as a dedicated Christian man who loves and reveres his religion and one who wants to help others to heal through such faith. The book focuses on Christianity as the only true faith. It is chock-full of interesting testimonials regarding the healing of a variety of ills and curses as well as ways for churches to invoke the Holy Spirit. It is well-meaning and well-written with the valuable inclusion of biblical scriptures to aid in the reading. While some of his beliefs about sin, evil spirits, and curses related to witches, a Muslim man, and homosexuals may not sit well with some readers, many will find this book to be a validation of their own Christian beliefs, and it may help them find ways of healing in their own lives.

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