by Deb Denis
Marion Grace Publishing

"What would you do if you were not afraid? The results may surprise you."

This true story follows the author on her trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. With vivid details, some of which are copied directly from her trip journal, the story is both motivational and entertaining. Denis, who was facing tough times in her life with an estranged family and very sick mother, decided to make the trip as the result of her commitment during a conference to be a lighter presence in the world. At the time, she decided she would climb the mountain before she turned fifty which gave her several years to prepare—physically and emotionally—but as circumstances had it, her trip would coincide with another work retreat in less than a year.

This story follows her every step of the way. From her initial idea to make the life altering trip to the items she packed in her suitcase, the taxi ride to the airport (the first of which was a dry run) and the actual trek step by step, it's very detailed giving the reader a clear picture without the fluff of exactly what this type of trip can be like. Denis is very detailed in her note taking, describing the people she encounters, the sounds, feelings, surroundings, food and the like. She also proves helpful to anyone considering a feat like this by giving struggles and successes to detail the physical and emotional toll. The book is chock full of references and research and even reflection after the fact to again provide insight for those wishing to make the trip in the future. While this is a book about reaching the summit of one of the largest mountains in the world, it is actually the story of so much more: courage, commitment, strength, and kindness.

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