The Killer: Watch Out
by Meghan Rose
Trafford Publishing

"Just because you are the same blood, doesn't mean same personality traits."

The Killer is the story of Vanessa Martinez who attempts to unravel a mystery unfolding around her family and classmates as they disappear and end up murdered by a vengeful and neglected sibling, Chenelle. Vanessa and her classmates, who often disappear when the lights are routinely shut off, try to solve the mystery on their own. All of the required elements are there: the death of a cousin opens the book, figures in black lurk around the school and Vanessa's house, black helicopters, cryptic notes, and secret codes deepen the sense of confusion and intrigue.

Writing in a casual style, Rose includes details about the main character's personality, appealing to the teen audience for whom she is writing. However, it is never quite clear why the killer is so angry, or what motivates the neglected sibling to make the leap from revenge to murder. As Vanessa and her friends try to make sense of the chaos around them, they plunge deeper into the dark world of the killer's games. The group of friends struggle against the forces that compel Chenelle to take revenge. This story melds young adult voices with true crime mystery, and fans of both will enjoy the story.

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