Kingdom Verses
by Rhoda Benjamin

"I will take my stand like Queen Esther and Tamar
Ruth and Mary, mother of Jesus Our Savior
Ellen White, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa
Winnie Mandela and Michelle Obama"

The author’s book takes readers through many journeys that all readers can relate to at some level. For example, step into the shoes of the faithful and head to a place of worship on a bright sunny day. Stand in defiance of the world’s violence and corruption. Find affirmations of faith in daily life tasks, even something as simple as a daughter finding an apartment in Boston. Invoke historically notorious women who defied the law and their circumstances and, by doing so, made their names household synonyms for the word “strength.” Heed the warning to remain vigilant in one’s watch and one’s daily life, even in an act as small as using too much salt. And, at the day’s end, find a foundation and give thanks for having lived through and faced another day and its many wonders and tribulations.

This book reads like it is part hymnal and part personal manifesto. Many will find solace in the acknowledgment that the world is a corrupt and violent place where having and maintaining faith can be not only trying but also controversial. Others will find it inspirational in its positive messages about taking a stand in the face of the world’s violence and racism and working towards the gift a belief in a greater power offers. A few readers will immediately gravitate to the book’s foundation in biblical scriptures, which serve as the basis for many of the collection’s poems, and others will enjoy the collection’s interactive “Kingdom Reminders” and “Kingdom Quiz” sections. For readers looking for faith-based material that can act as a daily devotion or meditation, this book is a must-have.

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