by Ronnie Sarkin
Trafford Publishing

"Few people have the learning opportunity to understand the mechanism of life and how in the physical world, one creates realities and therefore could change them."

Steeped within Irish history, Kismet tells the tales of two lovers whose destinies unfold during two different time periods and through their incarnation as different people. It is the mid-1200s and an era of religious persecution. Young Fey is taken under the care of her close friend and soon-to-be lover Adam and his parents after the Catholic Abbot has Fey's mother killed for witchcraft. Although the young lover's relationship vacillates when Adam, who receives Catholic religious training, learns that Fey follows in the footsteps of her mother's pagan beliefs, their real test of love comes when the Abbot devises a sinister plot for Fey's demise. Amid Fey and Adam's story, another narrative, set five hundred years later, tells of Kevan and Áine—the reincarnated Fey and Adam—and their serendipitous educational pursuits amid British domination. Sarkin's atypical historical romantic novel covers themes about the philosophical and religious meaning of life.

Sarkin's unique 2-in-1-debut novel offers readers the experience to read about two lovers in a refreshing way. The stories not only alternate chapter-to-chapter from Fey and Adam in the 1200s and Kevan and Áine in the 1700s, they are also juxtaposed split narratives. Although the lovers' experiences differ, there are recurring thematic philosophical and religious questions—much that appear verbatim—that address the concepts of reincarnation and karma. While each chapter is laced with various food-for-thought quotes, Sarkin has also created a website to enhance the literary journey by offering readers the opportunity to explore the deeper meanings of life through reflection on the horrors of human history and the spiritual implications of "a second chance" via rebirth. Closing with references and a suggested reading list, Kismet is the first in a trilogy that is a definite read for those who desire much more than a simple love story.

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