Kisses by the Moon: Kissing and Hugging in Cyberspace: How To!
by Tom Sherman and Piper Nichols
Lettra Press

"…even the sliver of the moon can hold oodles of hugs and kisses. It holds them in its curve, like when I hold you in my arms"

Stemming from a family situation wherein particular family members were often leaving and having to say goodbye, this book shares a creative “system” the authors established to keep in touch when not physically close. They chose the moon as a “high-tech” communications device for relaying comforting hugs and tender kisses between one another. In their book, a grandparent explains to an inquisitive grandchild how the process works. By simply looking skyward toward the moon, wonderful thoughts about “the person you miss” can be thrown via hugs and kisses. Sometimes a strong throw is required since the moon is so far away, while other occasions call for a “gentle, loving toss,” since the receiver of the celestial communication is someone dear to one’s heart, and the desire is to hold that person in close comfort.

Co-authors Sherman and Nichols have created in this picture book something truly wonderful for young children. By using one’s imagination, thinking not only outside the box but far beyond the earth’s atmosphere, one is reminded that when friends and family are away, their love and comfort can be sent and felt by the simple act of considering the moon a central base for relaying compassion and positive thinking among one another. For close families and any group of people who miss one another, kisses and hugs via the moon provide a meaningful, expressive way to connect. This charming concept could be applied to a range of real-world situations, including when family members are serving duty overseas, best friends have moved away, and even in helping young children cope with the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, “high-tech” cyberspace is easily reduced to a simple act of creative imagination, especially when done out of love.

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